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29 Ianuarie 2019, 10:16 de Valentin

Momentan magazinul din cadrul salii Top Arena este inchis  pentru cei care doresc sa ne viziteze   , comenzile se pot face on-line sau telefonic. Multumim de intelegere.


La achizitionare a a doua fetze si un lemn, in mod gratuit se asambleaza paleta,lipit, taiat, banda cant .

Pentru comenzi mari , cluburi, preturile se mai pot negocia. 


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TopSpeed Combi Special

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TopSpeed Combi Special
Preț: 195 RON
Disponibilitate: În stoc
Model: lemn de paletă
Producător: Tibhar
Ratingul mediu: Fără rating

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Cantitate: Adaugă în coș
  1. You know that: with the forehand side I play offensively, with the backhand side allround.
  2.  We hear this every day when advising our customers. 
  3. That's why we decided to build a wood that matches this game orientation. 
  4. The forehand side is more offensive and direct aligned by a harder carbon veneer, ideal for a punchy game. 
  5. Their topspins and shots are fast and accurate, but not out of control.
  6.  The outer veneer of the backhand side, on the other hand, is a bit softer, more soulful and therefore noticeably more controlled.
  7.  With this page you can keep the ball in the game wonderfully, blocking and shuddering emotionally, but also act a bit more aggressive in between.
  8. Due to these features, the CombiSpecial is also the very hot tip for all Noppenaussen- and anti-doping players.


Tempo:  Forehand  8+ ,  Backhand 6+

Control:  Forehand 8 + , Backhand  9+ 

Game Strategy:  All / Off 

veneers:   7 

Wood Weight:   85-90 gr. 

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