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Momentan magazinul din cadrul salii Top Arena este inchis  pentru cei care doresc sa ne viziteze   , comenzile se pot face on-line sau telefonic. Multumim de intelegere.


La achizitionare a a doua fetze si un lemn, in mod gratuit se asambleaza paleta,lipit, taiat, banda cant .

Pentru comenzi mari , cluburi, preturile se mai pot negocia. 


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Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 38

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Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 38
Preț: 230 RON 195 RON
Disponibilitate: În stoc
Model: Faţă de paletă
Producător: Gewo
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Cantitate: Adaugă în coș


  • Long-term test series with the tightest geometrical and playing feature tolerances in different conditions formed the basis:
  • Fine tuning on a new level was the result. It is our mission to create maximum precision rubbers to meet the requirements of modern table tennis.
  • So, once you use GEWO Nexxus Pro featuring state-of-the-art technology (nexxTT, N.E.P., Maxximum.Power.Play.) on you blade, you know what you get: The Very Best.
  • Recent physical developments (e.g. the new balls) and the experience gained through a long-term design and testing series all over the world (involving numerous GEWO top level and players, talents and coaches from various fields) culminated in one goal:
  • The development of the "nexxTT Generation" rubber series. Now, we are proud to announce: Mission Completed!
  • What a feeling. Precision at its best.
  • Sound on! Experience ultimate playing fun: maXXimum energy transfer, absolute spin, soft touch and perfect ball contact feedback.
  • The soft, spin-oriented sponge/rubber design (FLEX-TECH) produces unique sound so that you can enjoy maXXimum playing fun. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 38 combines the classic features of a soft rubber, e.g. high control, including passive situations (e.g. blocking, pushing), and feel (e.g. for serving/returning) required in modern table tennis with the modern features of a spin-oriented high-end rubber.
  • That's exactly what GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 38 is made for.



  • Player type / features:
  •  Focused progress for your play: Precision, fantastic touch and sound effect, great forgiveness. 
  • Experience dynamic sound for great playing fun. Suitable for players of all classes who prefer soft rubbers, but still rely on speed.
  •  For players focusing on spin-rich and precise placement. In short: a 38° soft "Sound Monster" with the right speed at the right time.
  • nexxTT / N.E.P (Nano.Elastic.Plus) / Maxximum.Power.Play.
  • Due to permanent product adjustments, e.g. the introduction of the new ABS balls, rubbers had to be adjusted accordingly to these trends.
  • The latest ball generation produces less rotation and speed.
  • To compensate for this loss in rotation and speed, you have two options:
  • Adjust your technique or your material. GEWO aims at supporting the necessary physical adjustments with innovative solution approaches:
  • A thin, high-grip top sheet (nexxTT) compensating the loss in speed and rotation with its inherent dynamics and higher tension (N.E.P.). Plus, a medium-pore, dynamic sponge which, depending on the performance variant chosen (XT -> speed; EL -> spin), makes the Nexxus Pro Series a real "Energy Monster", especially the maXXimum thickness ( 2,2mm/2,3 mm = Maxximum.Power.Play.).


  • DGC40+ 2.0
  • One of the factors of success of the GEWO HYPE EL / XT / KR rubbers was the innovative DGC40+ top sheet technology. DGC40+ stands for constant, reliable coupling upon ball contact, and the grippy surface prevents "slipping" of the ball. The introduction of the latest ball generation (e.g. GEWO Select Pro 40+ ***), however, also calls for a further development and adaptation of the top sheets.
  • The result: DGC40+ "Dynamic-Grip-Concept" 2.0. The top sheet was specially developed for and adjusted to the requirements of the latest ball generations.
  • If you don't go forward, you go backwards!



  • FlexTech


  • The flexible sponge/rubber design FLEX-TECH (XT) which was specially developed for GEWO, produces impressive speed. Rubbers from the XT series, combined with the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet, transform the speed of your opponent's topspins into energy and release this energy again in your own stroke when the ball leaves your bat.
  • The pimple heads in the rubber are arranged at a greater distance from one another, and they are slightly thinner than in EL rubbers. These rubbers primarily focus on speed.


  • Elastic Rubber
  • The EL rubber (Elastic Rubber), despite its compactness provides for great ball contact feedback and a unique feel.
  • All rubbers of this series are made for spin.
  • The pimple heads in the rubber are arranged at a smaller distance from one another, and they are slightly thicker than in XT rubbers.
  • When it comes to generating spin, the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet unfolds its true strength (highly reliable coupling and maximum spin), as it provides for a slightly larger contact area upon ball contact. Enjoy a new experience!


  •  Speed: 109 
  • Control: 101
  •  Spin: 127
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